Clinical Pharmacology

Thyrogen (rhTSH) decreased the mean absorbed dose to the blood by 35% thus reducing undesired radiation dose to the remainder of the body.2

  • Thyrogen results in RAI uptake comparable to thyroid hormone withdrawal (THW), with 41% greater effective half-life than THW in thyroid remnant tissue (67.6 with rhTSH vs 48 hours with THW).

Study Overview

  • 63 patients were randomized after thyroidectomy to either THW (n=30) or Thyrogen (n=33)
  • Scintigraphic neck images were acquired starting 48 hrs after RAI administration to assess biokinetics in the thyroid remnant.
  • Activity in blood samples was quantified and data from whole-body probe measurements and scintigraphic whole-body scans were combined to deduce retention curves in blood and whole body, respectively.
  • The absorbed dose to the blood was calculated.1

Thyrogen (rhTSH) increases TSH levels rapidly after administration allowing patients to remain on thyroid hormone.

Reduced numbers of patients with whole-body and blood dose data are due to technical failures during whole-body measurements.

Serum TSH Concentration1

The pharmacokinetics of rhTSH were studied in 16 patients with well differentiated thyroid cancer given a single intramuscular dose of 0.9 mg. Mean peak serum TSH concentrations of 116 ± 38 mU/L were reached between 3 and 24 hours after injection (median of 10 hours). The mean apparent elimination half-life was 25 ± 10 hours. The organ(s) of TSH clearance in humans have not been identified, but studies of pituitary-derived TSH suggest involvement of the liver and kidneys.2

The Use of Thyrogen During Remnant Ablation

Watch how patients can start on a thyroid hormone immediately after surgery, and remain euthyroid during remnant ablation with Thyrogen.

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