Coverage and Support

Thyrogen is covered by a majority of Commercial and Public plans

The amount of insurance coverage you will receive is determined by two factors:

The Type of Insurance You are Enrolled In

Your Individual Coverage Plan

*While Thyrogen is covered by most commercial insurance plans and public payers, coverage is not guaranteed. Patients should call their insurance company with individual coverage questions.

Your healthcare provider has prescribed Thyrogen.

What can you do next?

Call ThyrogenONE for Assistance

Call ThyrogenONE at 1-88-THYROGEN (1-888-497-6436) . We have a dedicated team of case managers to help you with questions about eligibility, program benefits, and financial assistance for eligible patients.

ThyrogenONE – Just a phone call away!


Thyrogen Patient Kit

{ The Patient Kit contains information and resources to help you on your thyroid cancer journey }

Low-Iodine Diet

{ Learn why your doctor may ask you to avoid certain foods and medicines that contain iodine for a few weeks before your ablation procedure. }

Doctor Discussion Guide

{ Use this resource to help make the most of your next appointment with your endocrinologist }

More resources…

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